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Christmas Readathon

Christmas Readathon

Why was the Christmas Readathon Created?

The Christmas Readathon was created to allow people to reach their goals they might not have completed within the year. This includes reading challenges, books you wanted to finish within the year. 

Want to find out more? Here are some things you need to know.

When does this happen?

The Christmas Readathon is a month-long readathon that takes place from the 1st December 00:00 to 31st December 23:59.

This readathon was decided to be a month-long readathon so people will have enough time to fit in the books that are needed to complete the challenges that are shown at the beginning of the month. 

What are the Rules?

1. All of the books read within 1st Dec (00:01) to 31st Dec (23:59) will be accounted for this readathon. Any books start or finished outside of the time frame will not count.

2. One book can count for multiple challenges as long as it fits within those challenges

3. There is no minimum amount of books you can read for this readathon. As long as all of the challenges are completed within the time frame then the readathon has been a success!

What are the challenges like?

All of the challenges within the readathon are all Christmas or End of Year related.

The challenges are these themes because it takes place within the last month of the year.

The end of year challenges is to give everyone a chance to finish a book they couldn’t finish earlier on in the year or a book they were meant to get to.  


Past Christmas Readathon Challenges

How can I Join?

If you would like to take part in this years Christmas Readathon, I have created a Discord chat where we discuss anything and everything that has something to do with this group.