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The Second Star Society

Second Star Society

What is The Second Star Society?

The Second Star Society was created by Heather @ The Frozen Library in 2018. She created this book club because she always wanted to join a book club but never really fit in due to the types of book that are chosen for each month. 

Within The Second Star Society, Heather has made this book club so every month instead of having a specific book, there is a specific theme. This means you don’t need to read the same book, you just need to read a book with the theme that is chosen for each month. 

What are the themes for this year?

The themes for this year is hyped up books within a different genre. Heather and I have thought about all of the different genres we read and don’t read and have included them.

When are the Themes Announced?

Each monthly theme will be announced on the 22nd of every month. The themes will be announced on the Discord server and on each of our blogs. 

What if I’m not reading the book the hosts want to read?

If you don’t want to read one of the books me and Heather pick out, you can choose one of your own to read within the month. As long as it follows the theme for the month then it will be accepted.

The Second Star Society Book Club Themes

The Second Star Society Book Club Themes

How can I Join?

If you would like to take part in this years The Second Star Society, Heather and I have made a Discord chat where we discuss anything and everything that has something to do with this group.